Cheers to a Glass of Imperfection!

When is the last time you got out of your head and into your heart?  How often do you find yourself researching the crap out of things to ensure you are 100% knowledgeable before stating your thoughts? Or continuously edit and make unnecessary adjustments, because it’s just not perfect enough!

(…Me slowly raising my hand up…)

Thank you to the glass of wine that allowed me to speak freely at my first attempt at this blog! And, a big thank you to my business partner for editing wine free! That just might be our recipe to success! We offer this glass of imperfection to all of us chronic overthinkers. 

Perfectionism, though perfect (or ideal) in theory, is not perfect (or ideal) at all.  It’s painful, uncomfortable, and leads to second guessing yourself, never feeling good enough, an array of guilty emotions, and constantly asking yourself, “Why did I do it that way?”  This spiral can lead you into the same effect as quicksand, sinking fast in a downward direction, instead of elevating or moving forward in your life.

This message is not about drinking a glass of wine to discover more about yourself (even though that’s what got us here).  It’s about learning and understanding more about why you struggle with this and how is it serving you.

Harvey Coleman wrote the book, “Empowering Yourself, The Organizational Game Revealed” in 1966.  He introduced the idea of PIE: Performance, Image, Exposure.  

Performance is the quality of your work.  How perfect is the product you produce?  

Image is how you are perceived.  What do people think of you? 

Exposure is how well are you known. Who knows about you? 

Coleman explains that most successful individuals focus 10% of their energy on performance, 30% on image, and 60% on exposure.

If you are a perfectionist, this information can be heartbreaking and infuriating!  How can performance be only 10%? But before you judge, let’s step back and look at this a little differently.  

Rather than focus on the 10%, let’s focus on the 60% opportunity.  Being the perfectionists that we naturally are, how can we ensure our performance receives more exposure?  I like to think of this as literally lifting our head. Trusting in our work and our natural perfectionist-self.  Come on, due diligence is not something we struggle with… Sharing our gifts is.

So, cheers to a glass of judgment-free imperfection.  And if wine is not your unwind thing, no judgment, we get it, you love your whiskey! 

All jokes aside, whatever it is, painting, dancing, a bubble bath, boxing class, etc., reflect on where you can add sharing your gifts with others, enrolling others into your work, and giving yourself the exposure you desire to live a life turned on. 

Rebecca & Natalie