Approaching Life Situations

How do you find yourself entering into life situations? Are you cannonballer… you know, the person who jumps right in? Or do you test the water and slowly acclimate? First a toe, then an ankle, and so forth and so on. Let’s discover how you are diving into life!

On a hot summer day with a pool in front of you, do you jump in knees to your chest and a smile on your face, anticipating the water covering you all at once?  

Or do you take a moment and dip your toe in first to check the water temperature?  Do you then slowly begin moving each inch of your body further and further into the water?  

Maybe you dip your toe in and if the water is too cold, you decide to hang out on the lawn chair soaking up the sun and checking out the view of the pool, but never actually get in.  

These three approaches can all be enjoyable experiences, unless you find yourself wishing you would have taken a different approach.  For instance, you may think, “If I could have just jumped right in, I could have avoided the prolonged feeling of the cold seeping throughout my body!” 

Let’s take these examples and apply them to a career decision you might be grappling with. 

Lawn Chair: Are you watching others get promotions or climb the ladder while you wait in hopes someone will notice and recognize you for the job you do?

Toe Dip: Do you think through every little detail of what you could do to get yourself recognized and begin putting little strategies in place to come to the end result you are looking for?

Cannonball: Are you the type of person that goes for the risk?  You approach a conversation with your leader about your desires of growth and development.  

Take a moment and consider what approach you are taking into the pool of life.  When I (Natalie) reflected on my own life, I realized I did some toe dipping, and when the water was too cold, I headed straight to the lawn chairs.  What I had truly wanted was to do a cannonball, but got too scared. 

My business partner (Rebecca) pretty much always jumps right in!  However, when we discussed our different approaches, there were many times she acknowledged burn out as a result of jumping in, and wishing she had just sat her ass down on that lawn chair!  We both noticed areas of our lives that could have been better suited by taking various approaches.  

When you use the above walk-through to evaluate your approach to decisions in life, you become empowered to begin making conscious decisions to change your approach to certain situations in life.  As a result, you can live a life with more joy, purpose, and fulfillment!

How are you diving into areas of your life?  What areas in your life do you desire more action,  but haven’t taken the plunge? What might happen if you take the jump and just do it?!  I am not suggesting that you quit your job tomorrow and set sail on a new adventure with no paddle.  

However, it might be time to identify what barrier is holding you back from moving forward. Is it fear, anxiety, self-doubt, or an inner critic?  It is time to see how you can put an action plan in place towards that jump? 

What areas of your life should you check out the view from the lawn chair, and allow yourself the time and space to do so?  Listen to your intuition if something is holding you back, even if you have a tendency to jump right in. Being risky is one thing, jumping off the cliff is another. 

The wonderful thing about the pool of life is that we have more than one way to get in.  Honor yourself… make a choice of how you want to dive in… feel good about your choice (no regrets)… and begin moving through life with more passion, love, and happiness. 

Rebecca & Natalie