Don’t Stay Trapped in a Word Puzzle

My son came to me recently and said, “Mom, are nerds really, really, really…smart people?” 

I said yes, that could be one word to describe someone that is super smart. I loved to see how proud he was, of something he really wanted to be, someone, really, really, really…smart.

I shared with him that if he meets someone super smart though, he may have to use a different word instead of nerd, as they may not know what it means. However, I ensured him that if anyone ever called him a nerd, he should take it as a compliment. 

I share this story with you to highlight the power in your words, your intentions, and your thoughts behind the words.  How many children at school hide their talents and gifts in fear of being judged and called a name?  How many of you, as grown-ups, do the same?  

Society has misused and manipulated many words in our language. While there is nothing wrong with doing so, I challenge everyone to consider the power in your choice of words and the intentions behind them.  How might your words be affecting your life and emotions? 

I spent years of my life saying painful words to myself.  “I am not smart enough, I am not pretty enough, I am not skinny enough.”  These words kept me isolated from my truth and the life I desired for a long time.  Awareness brings freedom! Are you trapped in a web of negating words?  

“Words are but pictures of our thoughts” ~John Dryden

The actions of this are the intentions, and thoughts behind our words.  Words, intentions, and thoughts translate into manifestations. You attract what you manifest.  You may want to see yourself one day in the life you have once dreamed of,  although, your daily choice of words and intentions are sending a much different vibe. Depending on how you are treating someone else with words, this will also have an effect on your ‘happy ever after’.   

The great news is you have free choice and free will.  You can begin changing this paradigm.  Take note of the words you are using to express words about yourself and others.  When you review these words, what are the intentions behind these words? What are the feelings associated with them?  

My seven-year-old son allowed me to see new meaning, new thoughts, and new intentions with the word nerd.  There was power in the way he expressed the word, there was a passion for learning, and there were pure intentions of compliments in this word.  

Can you imagine the impact you could have on yourself and others if you begin having different intentions and thoughts around the words you use?  Don’t stay trapped in the word puzzle and don’t allow others to have the rein over you with their use of words, change your thoughts. 

“Change your thoughts change your life” ~ Wayne Dyer

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Natalie Iannone


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