Turn It On’s Coronavirus Quarantine Survival Guide

What a week! We know it has been crazy for everyone and it doesn’t take an extremely sensitive person to feel the anxiety, uncertainty, and fear that is lingering in the air. We want you to know we are sending positive, healthy and loving energy your way.

While the present and future seems unclear, there is light within the situation. There is an opportunity right now for us to have a greater sense of humility, empathy, humor, and time in the present.

To assist you during your time of isolation, we are providing you a few survival tips that can keep you busy, get you caught up, and bring you joy during this time.

If you have any great tips please share them with us, and we can pass it on accordingly! Alright, so let’s get started!

Survival Tip #1: Top Chef Challenge!

Since the food market is still available to purchase items, why not get your chef hat on and prepare some new and fun dishes. Many of you probably set a New Year’s resolution to cook more and eat healthy, yet fell off that bandwagon around February. Look at the opportunity you have to jump right back onto that saddle! With this extra time, have fun exploring, and if you have family members or roommate’s around, make it a full top chef challenge! Remember your body is your temple, fill it with healthy options. Not sure what you want to start with first? Check out healthy and easy recipes from 15 famous chef’s here!

Survival Tip #2: Exercise

You officially can’t make an excuse not to exercise! You have plenty of time and almost every studio has created a virtual option to ensure you can work out from home! Have a bunch of munchkins at home and not sure if you have time to slip away? No worries! Have them join in the exercise fun! They were used to recess… remember? Our favorite right now is the Daily Burn which is offering a 60-day free trial via theSkimm. For family activities check out Mommy Poppins for some indoor fun.

Survival Tip #3: Marie Kondo it!

Spring is upon us! We all know we have something to get rid of, yet the thought of spring cleaning just sounds exhausting. Congratulations, you now have the time to get your entire house or apartment nice and clean! Try out Maria Kondo’s method. She provides a beautiful guide on how to remove items in your house that are unneeded and to send them out with love. Make sure you keep everything that gives you pleasure and get rid of everything that does not serve you. Enjoy the moment, pump up your music and dance like no one is watching. If the kids are home, include them too! Nothing like all hands-on deck dancing and throwing things into donation piles! And, as you see, most charities have had to close due to coronavirus too. What an amazing way to have everything ready for them to fully stock as soon as doors open to help those in need.

Click Maria Kondo to learn more about her recommendations.

Survival Tip #4: Enrich Your Mind!

What books have you been wanting to catch up on? What projects have you had on your to-do list? What movies have you wanted to watch but haven’t had time? Maybe it’s time to finally allow yourself space to meditate. Now is the time to truly enrich your mind. Here are some recommendations:

Books: 2020 just started, but here are some top recommendations!

Netflix: Have you checked out gooplab with Gwyneth Paltrow (Our favorite episodes are Episodes 3 and Episode 5… duh.. sensuality and energy!)

Movies: Here are the top 2020 Oscar Nominees and Winners!

Meditations: Guided Meditation for beginnersWalking Meditation 

Survival Tip #5: Pleasure!

Oh, come on, you have been with us too long to know we want to make sure you are still enjoying every minute of your life! Allow the reins of obligation to be loosened. Make time for yourself. Hug your loved ones a little closer and take time to really connect with each other. It’s not often you get to spend true quality time with each other without interruptions. Be in the present! Dance! Sing! Laugh! Make love! Play games! Pleasure yourself if you are alone! Enjoy a bubble bath! Put on a face mask! Indulge in everything and anything that you have deprioritized because you have been too busy! No excuses, just enjoy!

Enjoy our recommendations and please know we are here for you if you need anything! Feel free to reach out anytime, even if it’s just for a quick pep talk at curious@timetoturniton.com

Natalie Iannone


  1. Sherry on April 16, 2020 at 11:47 pm

    Love the post!! I need to focus on #5!! We get so used to getting through the days,weeks, & months we often forget the most important part of life!!

    • Rebecca and Natalie on April 21, 2020 at 7:12 pm

      Thank you, we hope you have had the opportunity to dive into #5 and find pleasure!