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What chapter is coming to an end and what new story is about to begin?  Many of you could be celebrating the freshness of change.  All of your emotions, thoughts, and concerns are heightened with this opportunity of time to reflect.

Others may be going through, what we would call, a grieving stage; denial of the pandemic we have encountered, bargaining with your health, angered by the solitude and lack of control, and healing through the experience of change. 

We would like to challenge you for a moment to consider a few things…

Have there been days where you’ve said:

*I wish I had more time.

*I wish I could work from home.

*I wish I could understand my career goals or next steps.

*I wish I didn’t have to physically go to class today.

The list of wishes goes on and on.  The genie of the universe has responded to us and has said, “your wish is my command.”  As you know, unless you are very precise with your intentions, a genie’s wish always comes at a cost. 

We should recognize the power we have to manifest things into our existence.  As we move through this pandemic, our goal is not to disregard the seriousness of COVID-19, but rather suggest what part it plays in our reality. 

This is an opportunity to rediscover and redefine.  Abundance comes in all forms of currency. While money is a very powerful form of currency, what other forms of currency are currently becoming more abundant in your life? Hugs and laughs with your family? Deep conversations with loved one’s and friends? Extra pampering and self-care?

This is a prime time for you to acknowledge how powerful your thoughts and words truly are!  Moving forward, what will move your thoughts to create your desires?  What light will you choose to shine upon others?  What is the role you want to play in this?

“The universe doesn’t hear what you are saying, it only picks up on the vibrations you are offering” ~Abraham Hicks

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Natalie Iannone