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A Letter From Mother Earth

An eye in the middle of the earth

If I were mother earth, also known as Gaia, what do you think her message would be on the day to celebrate her? I believe this would be her words… Dear Humans, I hope you have enjoyed the existence of this planet and that life here is bringing you joy.  It is my pleasure to…

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Good Vibes

A pair of hands holding the earth

What chapter is coming to an end and what new story is about to begin?  Many of you could be celebrating the freshness of change.  All of your emotions, thoughts, and concerns are heightened with this opportunity of time to reflect. Others may be going through, what we would call, a grieving stage; denial of the…

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Turn It On’s Coronavirus Quarantine Survival Guide

Small monkey on a cage

What a week! We know it has been crazy for everyone and it doesn’t take an extremely sensitive person to feel the anxiety, uncertainty, and fear that is lingering in the air. We want you to know we are sending positive, healthy and loving energy your way. While the present and future seems unclear, there…

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Don’t Stay Trapped in a Word Puzzle

Letters spelling out "LOVE" on a junkyard

My son came to me recently and said, “Mom, are nerds really, really, really…smart people?”  I said yes, that could be one word to describe someone that is super smart. I loved to see how proud he was, of something he really wanted to be, someone, really, really, really…smart. I shared with him that if…

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Where’s the Knight in Shining Armour?

Medieval jousting

A friend of mine recently shared a story with me.  She was visiting a sister company to her organization and was asked to sit in the break-room while her next appointment arrived.  For about five minutes she sat there and noticed everyone around her saw she was there. They noticed she was a new face…

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Pipe Down Your Inner Critic

Woman with her head tied while screaming

What do you call your inner critic?  You know, that negative voice that circulates in your head from time to time.  I have had a few so, I call mine the “Critic Committee” and man, there have been times getting them to pipe down wasn’t easy! Not only do we allow these voices to critique…

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Statue of a mermaid holding a sword and shield

As the warriors and goddesses of our own domains (mind, body, and spirit), in addition to our life experiences, we have transformed ourselves into quite the blacksmiths.  Each one of us at some point in our life has crafted our very own personal armour. This armour fits you exactly as needed to provide protection.   Like…

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Let’s Go Mining!

A bunch of diamonds

DIAMONDS!!!  Did I catch your attention?  I mean… they are a girl’s best friend!  What’s interesting about diamonds is that you will not find them hanging out on top of the earth’s surface.  Typically, they are buried miles deep and the dark carbon that forms the diamonds surrounds them in nature and acts as a…

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Who are you putting in your corner?

Female boxer on a corner of a ring

“Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”  Recognize these words?  Most may recognize these words from greatest heavyweight champion of all time.  That’s right, the legend… the man… the famous… Muhammad Ali, also known in his earlier years as Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. Not only was Muhammad Ali an amazing boxer, he was…

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