Gain Clarity While You Change Career Paths

Career Transitions

Are you a high achiever that is at a crossroad in your career and looking for a road-map to provide clarity, so you wind up exactly where you want to be? Don’t leave it to probability, let’s work together and get strategic so we can hit your goals!

Whether you are transitioning into a new role, building a new team, or starting a new career, designing a road map can help you consciously decide what direction you would like to take, and is the key to starting your new journey. Together, we will explore your values, interests, and skills to ensure you have clarity and power as you transition to the next phase of your career.

Your choices and next steps can lead you to a career that lights you up! As a seasoned HR professional and coach, we will direct you on setting goals and creating a strategic action plan to reach them. You will be fueled with clarity, energy, and confidence and have the communication skills you need to get what you want.

Your success is no longer left to chance! It’s by design!

Program Outline: This program consists of virtual calls where we will focus on the following:

Part 1:

Energy Leadership Index (ELI)* Assessment and Debrief: Begins with a self-survey followed by a powerful one-on-one debrief where you will discover the level of energy you have and what affects it, in both stressful and non-stressful moments. This discovery alone will give you better control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, raise your overall energy, and increase your ability to achieve the results you ultimately desire from a given situation. Whether you are leading a team or interacting with coworkers, it will help you avoid “knee-jerk” reactions and instead assess situations to provide solutions and direction calmly.

 *Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

Part 2:

Personal Values: Discover, define and align your personal and professional values. This will ensure that your true motivators, your core desires that drive your behavior, are turned on throughout this process.

Clarity on objectives: What works for you and what doesn't? (This will also assist you in part 4 “Influence Strategy” for transparency and detailed questions.)

Pace: Determine the pace and time frame for achievement, as well as generating the momentum needed for greater and long-term results.

Note: If your focus is on career or position change, additional tools include resume building, tools for finding your next career, and informational interviews.

Part 3:

Identify Barriers and Limitations: Determine and unlock what is getting in the way of you and your goals. Where, if at all, are you stuck? What are you trying to take on that is out of your control? What’s the critic committee in your head saying that’s been limiting you? Then put actions in place to move past fears, stress, overthinking, and inner critics.

Part 4:

Discover your Influence Strategy: Recognize the differences in how people communicate, especially the difference between men and women. Learn how to use finesse in your voice while remaining empowered to ask/communicate what you want.  

Wrap Up: Putting your voice into action! What will it sound like? How does it make you feel when you say it? Ready… Set… Go…

Note: Prior to beginning the program, you will receive a questionnaire to assess your exact needs and desires. While this program is segmented into 4 parts, we can coordinate a schedule and pace that works with your availability.

Gain Clarity While You Change Career Paths