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Executive Coach with a background in people services (HR), culture, strategy, and corporate communications. I partner with key leaders within organizations to discover, create, and implement a dynamic culture replete with their company’s foundational principles.

My structure in working with individuals and groups allows focus and guidance in areas that may be limiting the success of the company and team, and magnifies their power and gifts.  My assessment offerings deliver an awareness around performance and communication barriers that may be occurring in the organization.

I work to move employees and the company forward in goal achievement through workshops focused around strengths, communication, and values. Success is created by engaging all aspects of the company with our own values of integrity, open-minded approach, inspiration, and fun.

Corporate  Consulting and Coaching Focus Areas:

Effective Communication

Energy Leadership Development Series

New Hire Onboarding

Culture & Values

Leadership Development

Change Management


I work with the driven, caring, passionate souls who seek and desire to evolve into their best version of self.

I offer clients a confidential partnership with one on one and group sessions. 

This non-judgmental and safe environment allows clients to examine, learn, and grow beyond their own self-imposed limitations. My strategies, principles, and the love of humanity provides all the right ingredients needed to ensure my clients embrace their potential, maximize their strengths and begin truly living a life turned on. 

Please note, each coaching agreement will kick off with an Energy Leadership Assessment (ELI) consisting of a review and debrief on how you approach situations in your day to day, as well as under stress. This powerful and unique assessment allows you to become consciously aware of your levels of energy and how you can create actions to increase your energy levels over time. 

Coaching Focus Areas:

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Turn It On, focuses on individual growth with a social and community focus. I assist you in honing in on areas such as values and self-worth, the art of communication and influence, and discovering ways to implement movement into every aspect of your life.

Please reach out to to inquire about our keynote speaking and workshops!

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Natalie is a natural born speaker with an incredible energy that can light up any room. She is charismatic, knowledgeable and has a magnetism that draws her audience in and keeps them engaged and energized. I've experienced her presenting to a group for a full day and was very impressed with her ability to keep the group focused, interested and enjoying every moment.

Tracy West

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